About StealthBelt


Who are we?

My name is Ferdi van der Linde, I am a colon cancer survivor, I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old. After going trough the surgeons hands twice plus Chemo and Radiotherapy I had ended up with a total colectomy and ileostomy.


What made you do this?

I didn't have a choice, if I wanted to carry on living my life, I needed a solution!

My wife first started looking for ostomy support for me, we went through a couple of purchases and I tried a few variants of belts till I found one that did almost what I wanted it to do, but it still was not perfect for me, after long deliberation I decided that I want to develop my own belts right here in South Africa for the South African market.


How do you do it?

We use local unemployed seamstresses in the Western Cape that can work from home, this way we can empower more self employed people whilst building our company and our brand for the future.

Each StealthBelt goes through a series of stringent quality control tests before being packaged and sent to a new home.


We like giving back!

With the launch of StealthBelt South Africa, we also want to start giving back to people who cannot afford a StealthBelt, so when yours gets a bit worn out, send it back to us, washed obviously, we will patch it up again and go and give them to our local hospitals Stoma Clinics to hand out to patients who can use them.

Giving back entitles you to an automatic 10% discount on your next order.