Laughter is the best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine! Why is laughter the best medicine? Laughing is an excellent way to reduce stress in our lives, and can help us with our stressful lifestyles. To date studies have shown that laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, increases muscle flexion, and boosts immune function by raising levels of infection-fighting…
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Living with an Ostomy

Living with an Ostomy Living with an Ostomy is not bad as you think...Your first reaction may well be “How can this be better?” Understandably, you may feel angry and upset about the changes happening to your body and the need to wear an ostomy appliance. In spite of that, there are advantages. First and foremost, the section of diseased…
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The StealthBelt Blog

Welcome to the StealthBelt blog and info section. Here we will be posting news and information on general stoma care, new products and so on. I will also be writing articles every now and again to let you guys know about my life experiences and any guidance and information that I might have that might…
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